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The Vore Engineer

An Australian vore writer! Unfortunately, I'm not much more interesting than that. I do hope you enjoy my creations to their fullest!


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The home of all things Voraphilic, Eka's Portal is the most common home for content I create. Here you'll find most of my written works alongside all gifted and commissioned artworks.

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Home of all things Furry, Fur Affinity is not my primary place for posting content, but all written works with predominantly anthropomorphic characters will be posted here.

Interactive Projects

God Complex

The Black Knight has all but crushed all resistance to their reign, except for a young woman named Penny, a woman destined to defeat them. As this young adventurer, journey around a world of vore, devour your enemies or be devoured by them as you become stronger and stronger, prepared to fulfill your destiny, and stomach.Created by Salamoun and Elise with additional writing done by The Vore Engineer, experience many F/F scenes in this expansive RPG!

More Coming soon


Want to get the story of your dreams? Want to read about your own, or favorite characters livings out your fantasies? This is the right place! For a nominal fee, you can have your dream story written up!Please note that some restrictions may apply to the content that can be requested. Please read the full Terms and Conditions for assistance.

Commission requests available for...

    Terms and Conditions

    The following page will outline all rules, regulations, and processes regarding ordering and receiving a commission for a smooth commissioning process. An unwillingness to follow the following requirements may lead to the cancellation of pending commissions and the barring of any subsequent commissions.

    Short and Easy Version

    1. By Ordering a commission, you agree and accept the terms and conditions

    2. Commissions are provided to those who request services first upon the opening of commission slots

    3. The customer(s) must be over 18 years of age. No exceptions will be made

    4. Content depicting any underage character in sexual or fetish situations is strictly prohibited

    5. Content depicting real personage, such as celebrities, is prohibited

    6. Content depicting other people's original settings and characters is prohibited without given permission

    7. Commission orders over 10,000 words are prohibited

    8. Once communication is established and the commission is fully planned out, payment is required for any material to be provided

    9. All Commissions cost United States Dollars (USD) and will be charged through the PayPal service

    10. Once payment is received, no refunds will be provided

    11. Once the commission is received, the customer(s) have full rights to publish completed work anywhere. This can be without attribution but cannot be claimed to be the work of the customer(s)

    12. Resale of any received work is prohibited unless explicit permission is given

    Long proper version

    OPENING STATEMENTThe following terms and conditions outline the process of ordering a commission from The Vore Engineer. This process will be outlined in full, and breaking any of the following regulations will immediately cancel any outstanding work and bar any further orders from said customer(s). Please note to continue through this form, you will need to verify you agree to these terms and conditions, and will apply even if you have not read them. It is recommended you read these or read the shortened version.-----ORDERING A COMMISSIONTo order a commission, the commission form must be filled out to the best of your ability. No restrictions apply to those who may request a commission, with the sole exclusions being any customers who have been barred from further commissions and any individual under eighteen. As long as these conditions are satisfied, the submission of the commission form will begin an official correspondence. Please note, if there are limited slots available, commissions currently operate on a first-come, first serve basis. If you are unsuccessful in claiming a slot, you will be notified at your earliest convenience. As of the time being, there is no next-wave guarantee for those who are unsuccessful in getting a slot.-----PROHIBITED CONTENTWhile restrictions on content are generally not an issue, there are a few restrictions to what can be requested within a commission, which is as follows.Content depicting underaged individuals in sexual and fetish situations
    While characters that are not of age can be depicted in safe-for-work scenarios, they are forbidden from any fetish or sexual content. This goes for any requested fan-canon content as well.
    Content depicting real individuals in sexual and fetish situations
    Individuals such as celebrities, neighbors, politicians, and other existing individuals are prohibited due to the nature of the explicit content. This may be bypassed if the customer(s) have explicit permission for this depiction.
    Content using other individuals' personal creations without permission
    If you want to use other people's individual characters or settings, you will require their explicit permission to be used.
    Orders over 10,000 words
    Due to the nature of the commission pipeline, stories over 10,000 words are prohibited. Requesting multiple slots for a larger overall story is allowed, though preference will be given to other individuals first.
    -----CREATION AND PAYMENTOnce a full plan has been agreed upon after communication has been established, the process of creating your commission will begin! Depending on preferences, the customer(s) will either be given access to a google documents file wherein progress can be monitored and noted at any time, have drafts provided at set intervals to provide feedback, or request only to receive the final file at completion.Before any progress is shared, the customer(s) must pay the outstanding fee in full. All transactions are made in United States dollars, and invoices will be provided through the payment service PayPal. Alternatives are not available. Please note that once payments are received, there are no refunds available.-----COMPLETED WORKOnce work is complete the commission, the customer(s) are provided with the final file, which may be requested in the following formats.Plain text File (.txt)
    Rich Text File (.rtf)
    Portable Document File (.pdf)
    Eka's prepared layout (.rtf) (Will look weird when not on Eka's Portal)
    Once the commission has been given in full to the customer(s), they hold full rights to the piece and may choose to redistribute it however they see fit, with two exceptions. While attribution is not required, claiming the commission as a piece of personal work is prohibited, and usage of the commission for commercial purposes is prohibited unless explicit permission is given. Otherwise, it is hoped the customer(s) enjoy their product.

    Commissions now available!

    Commission slots available